Annual Process:



House meetings held in every congregation to understand community problems. Every member votes on problems to be addressed.


Understanding the problem, research potential solutions, look for best practices

Nehemiah Action

A “great assembly” (Nehemiah 5) to understand the problem and call on researched solutions.


Ensure the desired impact

Annual Meetings:


Community Problems Assembly

SURE’s first large gathering of the year. At this meeting we listen to stories from House Meetings and prepare to address issues in our community. Our Network Members vote on what issues they want to address and commit to the work ahead of us.


SURE’s Rally is a time for Research Committees to report what they discovered in dozens of meetings throughout the year. It is also a time for us to organize for a successful Nehemiah Assembly.

Nehemiah Assembly

SURE’s Nehemiah Assembly is unlike any other gathering in Sarasota. 1000 people of faith gather to press local officials to take real action to address systemic issues.

Justice Ministry Celebration

SURE’s annual gathering so Network Members can celebrate our work, hear stories of success, and invest in the long term health of the organization.